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What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

Robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP) is the latest development in surgery where a robot/slave device is

attached to the instruments and is directly controlled by the surgeon. The robot helps provide magnified 3D, 1080 HD visibility, even greater control of the instruments and allows improved precision during the surgery. There is less blood loss, less post-operative pain and fewer wound complications. Most patients are discharged from hospital in 1-2 days.


Dr Boustead is the pioneer of clinical robotic surgery in South Africa. has been doing these operations since 2008 and has been instrumental in setting up most of the robotic surgery centres in South Africa. He also trains other surgeons fulltime on the da Vinci Robotic system and is the most experienced robotic surgeon in South Africa.

Dr Boustead can offer an expert opion about your cancer and offer the latest cutting edge treatment for your prostate cancer if you are suitable.

Dr Boustead's specialist areas:

What to expect when you have robotic surgery

Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy

There are only 32 Accredited Robotic Surgeons in South Africa. Dr Boustead has trained all but 5 of these surgeons. He is the most experienced, high volume robotic surgeon in South Africa.

Robotic Cystectomy

Removal of the bladder is a highly complex procedure, offered in just a handful of centres around the world. Dr Boustead has particular expertise in this area. He performed the first robotic cystectomy and total recontruction of the bladder in South Africa in early 2015.

Salvage Prostatectomy after Brachytherapy

A proportion of men suffer recurrence of cancer or sometimes pain after brachytherapy. Selected patients may be suitable for Salvage Robotic Surgery. This is high risk surgery that should only be carried out by highly experiened robotic surgeons. Dr Boustead carried out the first Robotic Salvage radical prostatectomy in South Africa in early 2014 and performs this surgery from time to time. 

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